Application of Financial Modeling in non-finance areas

There are many factors and aspects that work together while we try to decide the values of past projects or forecast a value for any company. Analysts can use the mathematical tool of financial modeling to grasp the entire fiscal picture of a company. They can see the smallest details in these numerical details. This helps the experts to predict the viability of any project and the company as an entity.

Is it mathematics or accounting?

It is an amalgamation of the two complicated topics and uses tools from both the subjects. The financial planning and asset pricing and all the other related topics are based on quantitative calculations. So we can say that the entire past history and future predictions of market, products and the company functions related to these two are depicted in terms of mathematical equations, graphs, and charts.

It can be used in many other applications apart from the financial area

  1. Financial modeling requires very acute observation and research skills. Once you understand the financial model and hone the skill further, then your critical and analytical skills will also improve. You can use these skills to analyze the different options available to the company and terms of finance and other functions as well.
  2. A manager is required to look at various aspects of a company and his skills cannot be restricted to one function like finance. He has to use the financial model with relevance to other departments and understand how to create a business plan for any sector. The cost and profit reports and past historical models can help him to formulate the plan for various departments.
  3. Till now the financial modeling was created using the excel spreadsheets, now, of course, there are many new tools for this. However, if you learn financial modeling properly, then it helps to do the mathematical calculations using the excel worksheets and the related software program and this proficiency help in all management aspects by enhancing your skills.
  4. The properties of any evaluation can be understood easily when they are explained in mathematical terms. A manager has to make many decisions based on the available data using his analytical skills. The presented data, converted into a clear model, helps him to grasp the situation clearly and also forecast the future to a certain extent. This skill helps him to make better decisions.

We can see that this model of finance can be easily used in other areas of the corporate world as well. It is an important skill to be used in the practical aspects. The financial modeling helps to implement the theory learned about budgeting, statements, financial management and other sectors in practical terms.